Growing Fields

To achieve germination of our seeds, correct preparation of the soil is very important. We use all the latest machinery and technology available to produce a suitable seed bed to ensure maximum germination and establishment. This gives stability and produces a strong mature turf that enables us to carry out turf maintenance to the highest standard.

We take great care to ensure that our customers receive the best quality lawn turf, incorporating fertilizing, rolling, mowing and vacuuming into our daily maintenance. We carefully monitor weed control. Our turf is available with or without a bio degradable plastic netting, which provides extra strength. This is particularly useful during wet weather and the warm summer months.

Our turf is available all year round in rolls of a uniform size of one square yard or 0.8 square metres. We only harvest to order – This ensures the turf is as fresh as possible upon delivery. All our vehicles are fitted with telecommunications equipment, therefore ensuring that delays are kept to a minimum during delivery.