If you are seeking a pretty ornamental lawn and need to accommodate a budding Renaldo or Messi playing on it, you will need a hard wearing family lawn grass seed. It may not be look like Chatworth, but it’ll survive and look good.

Pick a lawn seed that will survive family use, shade, poor soil or a combination.

Rye grass can be coarse, but It enhances the look and improves the durability of a lawn.

For renovations or after scarifying where you spread new seed all over the existing lawn choose the grass seed you’d like to have more of or which will be the best for your use.

A close match is more important to you or if you’re doing patching or minor repairs.

Look at the blades of grass in your lawn and decide whether they’re all fine bristle like blades, all flat blades or a mixture.

Send us a picture if that helps.

In good growing conditions (with warmth and moisture) rye grasses will germinate in 5-10 days and fescues in 7-14 days.

Sowing before April can mean a delay in germination as the weather remains cool.

Select grass seed mixture based on Soil Type and Conditions. Clay soil will hold water better than sandy or stoney soils.

To get the seed to germinate and to become a lawn as quickly as possible requires both warmth and watering, best results are achieved adding nutrition.

Strong roots require phosphate and nitrogen, healthy leaves require potassium and nitrogen. Adding the right fertiliser is delivers the nest results. See our fertiliser recommendation as you check out.

For established lawns over seed with a seasonal fertiliser – the Spring / Summer gives an improved nutrient balance even on clay soil.

Use a ‘starter’ or a ‘seasonal fertiliser’ on new lawns or for patching small areas Feed as a mature lawn after about 3 months.

Use our dimension calculator and order 10 % more than you need if you are not familiar witseed spreading. Add a further 10% if you would like to keep seed for patching and repairs. 

Detailed instructions are included with all grass seed orders. Add starter fertiliser on the same day or very shortly after Raking or Scarifying.